3D printing

With the birth of 3D printing comes the birth of instricate art pieces being made. What is 3D printing? Well, the technique varies for every printer, but the main jist of how it is done is by melting the material (most commonly plastic) and tiny tubes adding layer by layer until building up a 3D model.

For a more profesional and instresting look at all the things that is being used with 3D printing check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0EJmBoLq-g

The printers starting at hefty prices like 3,000 dollars, it is hard to mass distibute them to more artists. However, for the artists able to buy them, the art that is coming out of them is very intricate and hard to do by hand. They create pieces with small curves and lines, and 3D printing art is becoming more distinguishable and something of it’s own kind. It is too early in the game to tell, but I can see this being used to branch out and create so many more, new art forms

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