Tech Savvy Shoes

Whether it was our choce or not, most little girls had some phase where they took some ballet classes. At first, everything is great and fun, and then the realization that ballet is an art form that can only be perfected by years of dedication by both student and teacher with an eye for detail sets in. Some people stay to perfect their moves, and others-most-quit.

However, a new tech savvy pointe shoe can maybe change the old and prestigious ballet schools. These shoes are the Arduino-fitted pointe shoes are called Electric Traces made by Lesia Trubat, a designer fascinated by the machanics of dance. Sensors in the shoes act a personal teacher who watches every tiny detail. They send information back to an electronic device, such as a smart phone or computer, so the dancer can look at graphs and pictures of the problem. They’re then able to see where they’re off balance or where the problem occured. These shoes can help where a teacher can sometimes faulter, or even help a self-taught dancer.

Maybe this device can help teachers to teach and guide their students even better

Generation change?

The more I look around the internet, and the work force, the more I see tattoo appreciation. It is fun to see more and more people in this generation liking tattoos, and seeing them as art instead of a sign of rebellion. I never understood that people think it is fine to hang art in their house, but not their bodies. I can understand if people just don’t want to get their own tattoo, but why try to tell another person off for deciding something that doesn’t even concern you?

Tattoos don’t symbolize bad hygeine and drugs, and they never did. One of the oldest tattooed body has 57 tattoos that were all lines and dots that made geometrical shapes. Historians assume that the tattoos symbolize the love of the Gods and the rank in the man’s caste.

Tattoos should be viewed nothing less than art simply placed on the body. It is nice to see the generation more accepting of tattoos. A study was performed that says a little over 80% of people think that anyone qualified (including people with tattoos) should get the job, and should not be turned down for their looks.

synchronized swimming

I have learned that synchronized swimming is one of the most difficult artistic sports, breathing wise. To think, gasping for breathe while under water. Synchronized swimming was added in 1984. Solos have been only preformed for three years, and now is not apart of the olymipics. Group preformances have been been going on for five years and duets have been going on for seven years. I feel like this artistic sport does not get enough recognition and needs more understanding

rhythmic gymnastics

I have recently been getting into rhythmic gymnastics, and I am very intrigued by it. The costumes/leotards are always very visually stunning, and the apparatus that they have are always used in very imagitive ways. I am profounded by the way they can move their bodies in and out of a hoop. I can only imagine how much practice and discipline it takes to perfect their ball catching routines correctly each time, when a football player is lucky that they catch it once, let alone move it over their bodies.

My problem is: Why are they so unknown of? In general, gymnastics is sadly only appreciated only during the olympics, but I am feeling like rhythmic gymnasts get it even worse. Just and observation and not an experimented lab report, but even during the Olympics people only talk about gymnastics, and not rhythmic gymnastics. I just learned that rhythmic gymnastics is in the Olympics since I don’t ever recall seeing it. Gymnastics (men) was added to the Olympics in 1896, and rhythmic only in 1984. I just wish that ryhthmic gymnastics got more of the spot light

Crayon drip art

I am glad to see a new art form taking the stage for once in the media. This art is “crayon dripping art”. For a summary, this is done by hot gluing crayons on top (or in a design) of a sturdy canvas. To create a picture, you take a blow dryer and run the hot air over the crayons.

Warning: you are putting hot things by paper. Remember to take the wrapper off the crayons, and try not to put the dryer too close to the paper. It is possible to light a fire or burn the canvas.

Basically, this is like a fool proof water color-like “painting”. The colorful wax drips down the paper and creates fun rainbows. Also, the fun part is that you can make fun and creative designs out of the crayons. Think about it, a painting that is different for everyone.

I suggest to try it out safetly