Modern Art

As I love seeing art grow and change, I do have to admit that there are some pieces that are considered art, questionable. Don’t get me wrong; I love seening people get inspired, and the art community being more accepting but……(sigh)


Looking at some modern art, it is amazing to see all these different mediums being created and the mentality of people who create things such as political art but….some don’t cut it. I get it, there are some art pieces that look just like a bunch of scribbles, but that artist could have taken a while to plan out each color used, the length and shape of the scribbles ect ect, but some can classify has children’s art.

Painting a blue line across the canvas isn’t art.

It is hard to say, but art is something that everyone can enjoy either doing or seeing or even both. However, there is no denying the fact that no matter how many classes that you take, some people just are not meant to be artists. Same as some people are more inclined to math or science, there are some who struggle with the subjects. To me, some pieces that are able to make it to The Museum of Modern Art almost devalues some artists who really do have talent

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