The Debate

Flipping through some of my movie collection, I see a lot of sci-fi films. I started picking through some of my favourites, and noticed there was a definite blend in terms of stylistic approaches.

So what is better? CGI or animatronics?

There are definatly some childhood favorites such as The Neverending Story or Little Shop of Horrors hold a sense of charm in our hearts. However, with the developement of more and more technology, does puppetry and animatronics/traditional special affects have a place in modern movies?

CGI definatly made a milestone in movies such as Jurassic Park, and most recently Avatar or even Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

CGI definatly brings a type of realism that is harder to create using animatronics, but puppety also evokes a sense of charm and playfulness.

I think that animatronics and puppetry still do have a place in movies today as they are more their own style. Much like trying to say what is better: watercolor or oil? People can have their preference, but in the end they are their own styles and can’t be measured by means of “what is more common.”

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