Generation change?

The more I look around the internet, and the work force, the more I see tattoo appreciation. It is fun to see more and more people in this generation liking tattoos, and seeing them as art instead of a sign of rebellion. I never understood that people think it is fine to hang art in their house, but not their bodies. I can understand if people just don’t want to get their own tattoo, but why try to tell another person off for deciding something that doesn’t even concern you?

Tattoos don’t symbolize bad hygeine and drugs, and they never did. One of the oldest tattooed body has 57 tattoos that were all lines and dots that made geometrical shapes. Historians assume that the tattoos symbolize the love of the Gods and the rank in the man’s caste.

Tattoos should be viewed nothing less than art simply placed on the body. It is nice to see the generation more accepting of tattoos. A study was performed that says a little over 80% of people think that anyone qualified (including people with tattoos) should get the job, and should not be turned down for their looks.

synchronized swimming

I have learned that synchronized swimming is one of the most difficult artistic sports, breathing wise. To think, gasping for breathe while under water. Synchronized swimming was added in 1984. Solos have been only preformed for three years, and now is not apart of the olymipics. Group preformances have been been going on for five years and duets have been going on for seven years. I feel like this artistic sport does not get enough recognition and needs more understanding

rhythmic gymnastics

I have recently been getting into rhythmic gymnastics, and I am very intrigued by it. The costumes/leotards are always very visually stunning, and the apparatus that they have are always used in very imagitive ways. I am profounded by the way they can move their bodies in and out of a hoop. I can only imagine how much practice and discipline it takes to perfect their ball catching routines correctly each time, when a football player is lucky that they catch it once, let alone move it over their bodies.

My problem is: Why are they so unknown of? In general, gymnastics is sadly only appreciated only during the olympics, but I am feeling like rhythmic gymnasts get it even worse. Just and observation and not an experimented lab report, but even during the Olympics people only talk about gymnastics, and not rhythmic gymnastics. I just learned that rhythmic gymnastics is in the Olympics since I don’t ever recall seeing it. Gymnastics (men) was added to the Olympics in 1896, and rhythmic only in 1984. I just wish that ryhthmic gymnastics got more of the spot light

Crayon drip art

I am glad to see a new art form taking the stage for once in the media. This art is “crayon dripping art”. For a summary, this is done by hot gluing crayons on top (or in a design) of a sturdy canvas. To create a picture, you take a blow dryer and run the hot air over the crayons.

Warning: you are putting hot things by paper. Remember to take the wrapper off the crayons, and try not to put the dryer too close to the paper. It is possible to light a fire or burn the canvas.

Basically, this is like a fool proof water color-like “painting”. The colorful wax drips down the paper and creates fun rainbows. Also, the fun part is that you can make fun and creative designs out of the crayons. Think about it, a painting that is different for everyone.

I suggest to try it out safetly

The pen we’ve all been waiting for

I have just recently found out that there is a new pen that scans any color, and creates the exact color.

Think of this amazing thing this way,

Young you buys your first set of prisma colors. You open the set and stare in wonderment at the different colors. There are so many names such as “mysterious shadow” and “cooling coral”. So many colors in amazing pigments

There are millions of colors, colors that we can’t even see. Take for example, birds are able to see colors we can’t see. Birds are able to see UV ray lights (did you know that pink is the closest color we have to seeing UV ray lights?). Cats have better vision at night than during the day, and animals such as snakes are able to see heat.

Colors are so infinate to the point that we can’t even think of one that hasn’t been discovered before.

And this pen can perfectly capture them

No more mixing colors together to try to get the color even close to the actual picture.

” a color sensor and LED illumination to sample and upload colors (say from your wall or a piece of clothing) to a mobile device or computer, and then reverses the process, allowing you to draw in any color.

The pen works like a handheld printer, using its ARM 9 microprocessor to digitize colors and mix the inks in an onboard CMYK cartridge. Scribble can reproduce over 16 million colors—100,000 of which can be stored on its 1 GB onboard chip. It runs on a rechargeable lithium ion battery and connects by Bluetooth or micro USB.

Scribble not only offers multiple colors all in one package, it also offers multiple stroke weights with its replaceable nib and six tip sizes. The pen works with iOS, Android, PC, and Mac and is compatible with Photoshop and Corel.”

I can only imagine the inventions that will be inspired because of this


This is my opinion about cheerleading, you don’t have to agree with me, this is just me simply expressing my thoughts 

I have been really getting into different art forms. I have always been interested in gymnastics and dance (ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, ect.) but I have recently been getting into silks, artistic gymnastics, figure skating, and other circus-like art forms such as the german wheel. In my nights of binge watching YouTube videos I tried to watch some cheerleading. I looked up some videos, ya know, the ones that have millions of views and many comments complimenting them. However, I dont’t feel engaged in the performances like I do with other videos. I was so excited for cheerleading as I expected it to be gymnastics and dance combined together, but when I saw it……I was just so disappointed. 

It looks so sloppy, and the dancing is so unappealing. I feel like artistic gymnastics is a better combination

Polls results

Thank you for everyone for taking my poll and everyone telling me that my name is “game-o-fart” and not “game-of-art”. Absolutely iconic, not even gonna change it (if I could even figure out how TO change it). Most people picked either ink or pencil or paper. Sad that no one else shared my love for charcoal, but I’m glad that people even took the poll.

different mediums

tell me what you use

cartoon v.s. realism

As a realism artist I have a great amount of respect for artist who do anything similar to cartoons. I have tried many times to bend my way of drawing and to draw with more distinct lines and just “doodle”. However, everytime I attempt this, I end up with this weird hald breed of realism-but-too-unrealistic-but-too-exact-to-be-cartoon.

As a realism drawer, I will be the first one to say that we can get references from anywhere. Although, with cartoonists, they have to bend everything with their minds and take exact shadows and shape them to their preferences. Not to say realism drawers have no creativity, but much like every other drawing style/medium, I have a great amount of respect for cartoonists.

It is ashame that sometimes the general public only view realism as art, or even to say that realism drawers and more talented than others, but in reality, though we share a common talent, we are two different animals

breaking in your pointe shoes

For everyone who is new to pointes, please remember these are suggestions and the best thing is to ask your teacher.

Most people start pointe when they are 10-12  according to your strength and your teacher. A pointe shoe is made differently depending the type of pointe shoe you got, but blochs are made from the inside out through many layers. From personal experience by using bloch, bloch is made for balance so it is very stiff when you first get them and takes awhile to break them in.

The bottom part of your shoe should be from the tip of your toes, to mid heel when on flat. That, is called the shank. In order to make this softer and allow the shape of your foot to show, you can bend the shoe back and forth. Do not be afraid if you hear slight cracks, this is the glue loosening. However, the amount you break it in should be up to you, but don’t over do it to the point that you either break it, or it doesn’t hold you up well.

Next, the top where your toes are, to the top of the shoe is called your box. To make this area more comfortable and form fitting, you can push down on the box. You can either wrap the box in a towel, and lightly, not Thor smash, hit it with a hammer.  You can step on the box with the heel of your foot, you can also slightly bounce if you would like. Lastly, you can put the shoe in the crease of a door where the hinges are, and then close the door on the box. 

Remember, you can change these ways to your liking. To people who are new to point shoes: try not to over do it. When you dance and do exercises your foot will naturally break the shoe in, these suggestions are only to help you be slightly more comforatable and easy to get on your box.

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