technology doesn’t equal art

As the times go by, the technology increases, and new art forms take place. Of course with these budding new forms, weeds come and try to suffocate them. “That is isn’t real art because they didn’t actually make it”

This might come as a surprise to some people, but just because someone doesn’t use traditional art forms, doesn’t mean it isn’t “real.” There are some people who say that working with applications such as photoshop, cameras, or paint apps is easier because they have different tools, and they aren’t actually using them. I’m not sure what people think actual artists use, but the softwares that they work with are for professional use and not just ms paint. These softwares are created for skilled people to create images in high definition.

Having spent my share of money on these softwares, I can asure you that they are not for “fun” and meant for people using their talents in different feilds. Anyone who says that using these products are easier than pencil and paper is commical. Yes, in some areas (such as background colors, and the advantage of zoom), it is easier to get cleaner lines with softwares. However, with pencil and paper it is much easier to shade, blur, ect instead of having to fiddle around with different tools

Also, obviously if they can draw on a touch screen or computer, they have to be able to draw by themselves aswell. Someone doesn’t just knock out a master piece simply because they are using an Ipad.

I feel as though people forget that things evolve and change. Art in general, is an old practice, but it does not mean it can not change with our technology. People need to get it out of their heads that these new advances should be praised and not questioned

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