I swear one of these days in the year 3000 a scene like this will probably take place:

A young student raises her hand and asks, “But Mr. History Teacher, why did the Battle of the Titles even take place?” The teacher responds with, “Well student, see the different art forms were unable to actually speek to each other in a civilized manner so they talked to one another with improper grammar and harsh unnecessary insults. To make this story shorter, one person said to a cheerleader (shudder) that cheer… (shaky breath) isn’t a real sport and that’s when everything hit the fan” (the whole class gasps in fear) 

What do I mean by titles? I mean caring so much of whether or not something is a sport or an art style, if something is manga or anime, if the dancer did an a la seconde or a fouette, or if the band is rock or pop. My philosophy is if you truly love what you are doing, it shouldn’t matter to you what someone descides to classify it. You could be a cheerleader and think it is a sport, but if someone believes it is an art form (which by the way they can be techinically true. If you think about it logically, cheerleading is a mix between dance-an art form-and gymnastics-a sport- so depending on how the person sees it, cheerleading can be considered both or one of them making either answer techinically correct) that shouldn’t matter to you. If you truly love the sport that you do, if someone thinks otherwise, their opinion shouldn’t shake yours.

For example: You truly love american cheese. You put that cheese on every sandwich and cracker because you just can’t get enough of american cheese. One of your best friends comes over and takes one look at your ham and american cheese sandwich and curls her lip with a small disgusted “Ew I hate american cheese.” You get up from the table you are sitting at and flip it onto the floor and start yelling in her face about how terrible she is and how american cheese is the best cheese in the world. You two break up, and you stop eating american cheese completely because you are ashamed that people can consider you “ew.”

See how ridiculous that sounds. That is exactly what it is like to hear people fight over simple things like whether something is anime or chibi. It doesn’t matter. You just do you and ignore anyone else because if you really do like something, one person’s opinion shouldn’t change yours. 

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