stop animation

I have recently been watching behind the scenes of slow motion animations, and I feel as though these animations don’t get enough recognition for the amount of work that gets put into them. I believe everyone over the age of nine at least understands the process of filming a stop animation (a series of photos in order to create some kind of “flip book” movie). However, it is just how slow the process truly is. On a general average, a four minute movie takes about 1-2 weeks to make. Granted, the variables are all fiickle. The time all depends on the content being shown, how many things are moving at once, the work ethic of the producer/director, and the quality being given. Nonetheless, for a simple four minute movie, it is easy to say that a lot of hard work gets put into the stop motion animation.

This got brought up due to the fact that a friend and I was watching some films that got produced by a young film maker and her responce to the films such as, “This doesn’t seem like a lot of work. Why does he get so much praise?” After showing her the behind the scenes of his films she agreed with me and said that his stop motions really do take a lot of work, and for a young student, his stop motions are above his league.

I guess what I am trying to sum up in this long ramble is that I feel as though people don’t give eough credit toward stop animation because they don’t truly understand the amount of work goes into each film. It is sad that, to the general public, stop animations don’t usually get charted next to box office hits such as “The Hunger Games” or “Harry Potter” when the directors/producers truly put so much time and energy in to create them.

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