Art Prices

Young artists: one thing that I highly recommend is to never get persuaded to buy over priced materials. Let me remind you that just because something is priced higher, doesn’t necessarily mean that is rises far above regular iteams.

I was at an art supply store looking for some more oil paints. Nothing truly special, just the primary colors and a whole tub of white as usual. Walking past the oil paints I see regular student brands compared to brands such as Bob Ross and looking at the $20 price differences. I walk further down the isle, and there were even small tubes of oil paint behind a glass case that sold for $13 a pop.

I say this for any young artist or anyone trying new mediums: You do not have to break the bank on art supplies. Art is what you make from what you have/afford and not a fancy brand name

Nevermind the whole “The pigment is the expensive part of a paint because of the color intensity and less fillers and the rarer or less easily mined minerals”

You can create art using anything you can find. If you even wanted, you can mash berries or make mud instead of going out and buying paint or clay. Getting expensive art supplies is a luxury not a necessity such as a ferrari is a luxury but not a necessity. You can go spend your money of fancy micron pens or get regular paper mate ones. Yea, one has a bit of a nicer feel but there is no need to stop drawing or doing a project just because you can’t afford nice pens or paint. Create art with your passion and not just fancy material

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