Tech Savvy Shoes

Whether it was our choce or not, most little girls had some phase where they took some ballet classes. At first, everything is great and fun, and then the realization that ballet is an art form that can only be perfected by years of dedication by both student and teacher with an eye for detail sets in. Some people stay to perfect their moves, and others-most-quit.

However, a new tech savvy pointe shoe can maybe change the old and prestigious ballet schools. These shoes are the Arduino-fitted pointe shoes are called Electric Traces made by Lesia Trubat, a designer fascinated by the machanics of dance. Sensors in the shoes act a personal teacher who watches every tiny detail. They send information back to an electronic device, such as a smart phone or computer, so the dancer can look at graphs and pictures of the problem. They’re then able to see where they’re off balance or where the problem occured. These shoes can help where a teacher can sometimes faulter, or even help a self-taught dancer.

Maybe this device can help teachers to teach and guide their students even better

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